Stop the bleeding!

Another game in which the bats struggle.  Aside from missing our ailing MVP (and some questionable lineup construction) the simple fact of the matter is that the lineup is struggling from top to bottom.  What can be done?  You can’t make hitters hit when they are slumping, there is no magic pill for that.  On top of that our staff is also in a bit of a collective slump – we have seen several games lately where the game slips away with poor pitching through the middle innings.  Working backwards over the last two series in innings 4 through 7 the Jays pitchers have given up 6, 4, 2, 7, 2, and 7 runs. This works out to an average of 4.6 runs against through the middle of the game.  When you are not hitting you are just not going to win ball games this way and not surprisingly we are 2-4 in those games.  While the Jays will certainly need the bats to turn around to make (and ultimately go deep in) the playoffs in the meantime we can try to stop the bleeding and keep our currently anaemic offence in the games.  How? We can move Sanchez to the pen.  Yes I also thought we were done with this topic, he is a starter – right?  Yes he is.  And we will need him to start game 1 of any playoff series we are lucky enough to find ourselves in.  He is already skipping his start this time through the rotation so when he comes back I see more value in having him available every 2-3 games for 1-2 innings as needed to keep us in games that are all too often slipping away right now.  We have to make the playoffs for him to pitch game 1 and it looks like doing so might involve some creative thinking.


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